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Business Chinese Demo
  Designed for learners with basic Chinese speaking ability, the course aims to lay a good foundation for students' future business activities when conducted in the Chinese language. It teaches basic Chinese business vocabulary, special sentence patterns and related knowledge used in business activities, including introductions, travel, telephone conversation, negotiation, banquets, etc.
  • Bi Huihui
  • Bi Huihui
    Bi Huihui has long engaged in the research of Chinese as a foreign language,she has ..... Details

Course chapter

  • Lesson 1打招呼(Say hello)
  • Lesson 2互相介绍( Let's introduce each other )
  • Lesson 3去机场( Go to airport )
  • Lesson 4订宾馆( Hotel reservation )
  • Lesson 5在宾馆( In the hotel )
  • Lesson 6在经理办公室( In the manager's office )
  • Lesson 7打电话( Making a phone call )
  • Lesson 8商务会谈( Business negotiation )
  • Lesson 9洽谈生意( Negotiate business )
  • Lesson 10商务宴会( Business dinner )
  • Lesson 11辞行告别( Say good-bye )


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    Breaking through time and space constraints, you can learn Chinese whenever and wherever you choose with a tailored pace.

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    Our Chinese teachers have rich experience and a good understanding of foreign learners' thinking patterns; they will show you an amazing way of learning Chinese.