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Situational Chinese Demo
Focusing on improving Chinese speaking skills, the course lays out dialogues from real life and explains the most frequently used grammar elements in them.  Questionnaire>>
  • Teacher:

  • Qiao Yiwei

    Qiao Yiwei graduated from China Mining University, she began to teach Chinese as a foreign language late in her senior...Details

  • Du Bingxiao

    My education in both Chinese and English teaching has equipped me with a comprehensive... Details

  • Liu Yanna

    Liu Yanna, (English name Cherry) is a master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of other Languages in ... Details

Course chapter

Course Demo duration teacher Price Buy
基础生活汉语-Basic Daily Chinese  Demo 30 days Qiao Yiwei $ 0  Buy
嘴边的汉语日常对话-Chinese on the Tip of Tongue
 Demo 30 days Du Bingxiao $ 0  Buy
体育汉语-Sports Chinese    Demo 30 days Liu Yanna $ 0  Buy
生活汉语(初级)-Daily Chinese(elementary level)  Demo 30 days Ziying Li $ 0  Buy


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