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This course is designed for the Chinese beginner or the Chinese weakness. It is show the daily Chinese in the dialogue. The course has wide coverage within rich and practical content, including food, Wearing, accommodation, transportation. The teacher is a humorous person and the course is vivid. Every student can enjoy the course and get hold of the standard Chinese.
  • Qiao Yiwei
  • Du Bingxiao
    My education in both Chinese and English teaching has equipped me with a comprehensive... Details

Course chapter

  • Lesson 1怎么用汉语打招呼?  
  •          (How to Say Hello in Mandarin.)
  • Lesson 2你能用汉语描述时间吗?
  •          (Talk About the Time in Mandarin.)
  • Lesson 3你能用汉语描述日期吗?
  •          (Talk About the Date in Mandarin.)
  • Lesson 4如何确定中国人的家庭关系?
  •          (Family Relationship in China.)
  • Lesson 5一起去中国购物吧!
  •          (Let's Go Shopping.)
  • Lesson 6在中国迷路了怎么办?
  •          (What to do When You Get Lost in China?)
  • Lesson 7你会用汉语打车吗?
  •          (How to Take a Taxi in Mandarin.)
  • Lesson 8你会在中国坐地铁吗?
  •           (How to Take the Subway in China.)
  • Lesson 9你会在中国乘公交吗?
  •           (How to Take a Bus in China.)
  • Lesson 10你会在中国坐火车吗?
  •          (How to Take a Train in China.)
  • Lesson 11你会用汉语订票吗?
  •          (How to Book a Ticket in Mandarin.)
  • Lesson 12你的爱好是什么?
  •           (Talk about Your Hobby.)
  • Lesson 13如何用汉语点餐?
  •           (How to Order in a restaurant in Mandarin.)
  • Lesson 14你会用汉语谈论天气吗?
  •          (Talk about the Weather in Mandarin.)
  • Lesson 15在中国,生病了怎么办?
  •           (What Should You Do When You Get Sick?)
  • Lesson 16用汉语说“健康”
  •          (Talk about "Health" in Mandarin.)
  • Lesson 17参加中国的聚会应该注意什么?
  •          (Some Tips for You When You Attend a Chinese Party.)
  • Lesson 18去中国的邮局寄点东西
  •          (Go to the Post Office.)
  • Lesson 19在中国,你需要换钱和汇款吗?
  •          (Exchange Money and Make Remit in China.)
  • Lesson 20在中国遇到麻烦时你应该如何求助?
  •           (How to Ask for Help When You are in Trouble.)
  • Lesson 21在中国,去做客时要注意点什么?
  •          (Some Tips for You When You Pay a Visit.)
  • Lesson 22你在中国的学校生活快乐吗?
  •          (School Life in China.)
  • Lesson 23在中国的图书馆你会借书吗?
  •          (How to Borrow Books in from the Library?)
  • Lesson 24如何用汉语表达你喜欢的运动?
  •           (Talk about Your Favorite Sports in Mandarin.)
  • Lesson 25与中国朋友一起去旅行吧?
  •          (Travel with Our Chinese Friends.)
  • Lesson 26如何用汉语打电话
  •          (How to Make a Phone Call in Mandarin)
  • Lesson 27用汉语谈论手机和电脑
  •          (Talk About Phones and Computers in Mandarin)
  • Lesson 28你会用汉语租房子吗?
  •          (Rent a House in Madarine)
  • Lesson 29在中国,你喜欢什么工作?
  •          (What Kind of Job would you Like to have in China?)


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